Information on
different skin diseases

Skin diseases

Your Skin is the most important organ, constantly defending you against the environmental
conditions including the sun. For That Reason your skin should be treated with extensive care.
Although being robust is one of skins major strength, once damaged it is hard to repair.


Sunburn is an acute inflammation of the skin.
It reaches of mild sunburn just with red skin up to strong sunburn with blistering, which can leave scars. 
Moreover it increases the risk of skin cancer extremely.

Basalzellkarzinom (BZK)

It is the most common type of cancer, wich is related to the white skin cancer. It appears espeacially at the nose, forehead and at the upper body.
Sunburns from the childhood and youth favor this type of skin cancer.

Plattenepithelkarzinom (PEK)[spinaliom]

This carcinoma  is also related to the white skin cancer. It evolves mostly at skin parts, which are already hardly damaged by the sun, like actinic keratoses (red colored, solid rough surfaces on the skin). Rarely theese can develop into chronic wounds or burn scars.
Endangered are especially people which immune system isn't perfectly functional. 

Malignes Melanom (MM)

This is the most malicious type of skin cancer, which is also know as malignant melanoma.
Men have the biggest risk to get it at the back an women at the lower legs.
The risk of disease is in Germany by 1:500. Every year they record 21.000 new diseases.